Assignment 1

Sun Panorama

a) My site has approximately eleven and a half hours of sunlight on March 21st.

b) The sun strikes my site at about 9:30 am on December 21st and a little before 6 am on June 21st.

c) Because of the tree cover, my site has the most hours of direct sunlight around July 1st.

d) The sun is at an Altitude of 48 degrees and an azimuth of 250 degrees. at 3:00 pm on August 15.

e) A porch that would be warm in the winter and cool in the summer would need to face south and be placed against the tree line at the base of the hill.  This way the trees will provide shade during the summer, but lose their leaves and let the sun strike the porch throughout the winter.

f)  There are a few notable features that may influence the design of a structure on my site.  First, there is a significant gap in the trees toward the East which allows almost all of the morning light to strike the sight.  So, it may be useful to build a shading device on the eastern side of the structure or plant trees.  Then there is also hill directly south, which would be helpful when trying to shade the site during the summer.


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